Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sleep Tonight?

Somehow I doubt it. My auction opens tomorrow morning. It will take some time, so it might even be after the weekend before I have news. Meanwhile, I've been on the phone with several editors who wanted to talk to me about the first book and where I see the next two books heading (which is interesting, because I originally wrote this story as one long book and only this winter chopped it up to make a trilogy.) Despite the undeniable fact that I am not hallucinating--my iPhone assures me that these calls have happened, as well as quite a few with my agent--I still have the disquieting sense that I'm going to blink one morning and it will all have vanished.

So let's just say my anxiety level is rising.

And oh yes, did I mention that my oldest son is graduating from high school tomorrow morning??!!!

No sleep in sight.

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