Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Quiet on the Home Front

First--for those who aren't friends on Facebook and/or found me through Twitter--why not? No, seriously, for those who read my news only here . . .

I have a book deal. Actually, a three-book deal. I'm waiting to release details until the contract is signed, but I could not be more thrilled at how the auction went and the editor I ended up with. This is going to be fun!!!!

That said, one would think that I would be all over my writing this week. Especially with my husband in Boston interviewing (long story, surely to be shared later) and my two younger children at camp. That leaves me and the two teenage boys and--voila! A quiet house in summertime.

My mom called today. I am afraid I was not (entirely) truthful. That is a problem for me, living as I do in a family with the motto Just Don't Lie.

Mom: "Are you working on your writing?"
Me: "Sort of."

To be entirely honest, I was only "sort of" working on my writing if I figure out some way to include Angry Birds in my next book. The odds are slim, considering it's set in Tudor England. An alternate-history version of it to be sure, but Tudor England nonetheless. I can't even claim that I was letting my mind wander to possible plots and characters while playing Angry Birds, because I was so frustrated with those smug little green pigs that I kept shaking my iPhone to see if that would make the walls tumble down on them. (It didn't.)

So there's my true confession. I am the proud and somewhat bewildered possessor of a brand-new three-book deal and I'm playing Angry Birds.

Time to get to work . . .

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