Wednesday, June 1, 2011

April Books

Yes, I am aware it is now June. These will not be long reviews. They may not even be reviews--just grades. But since they're bugging me sitting in my drafts, I want to put them out there. If anyone wants more details on why I liked or didn't like a book, ask me in the comments and I'll elaborate. Probably.

GAME OF THRONES/George R.R. Martin/A+
Great opening book to a fabulous epic fantasy series.

UNEARTHLY/Cynthia Hand/B
Paranormal YA, but this time it's the girl who's got the gifts. Nice twist.

THE NINE TAILORS/Dorothy L. Sayers/B+
I adore Lord Peter Wimsey, but my favorite Sayers' books have to have Harriet in them.

THE RED DOOR/Charles Todd/A-
A better outing than some of the most recent in this post-WWI British mystery series.

Love the series, enjoyed this book, really impatient to get the sequel to CLOCKWORK ANGEL.

HAITI NOIR/ed. by Edwige Danticat/B+
Collection of short stories in the noir genre, which Haiti practically oozes from its name alone. Several made me feel like I was right back in Port-au-Prince.

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