Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Five

Because a Facebook memory reminded me I used to do this . . . and I always write well with a structure :)

So my Christmas month Loves in this week's Friday Five!

1. Book: 1415-HENRY V'S YEAR OF GLORY by Ian Mortimer. An ingeniously (month by month, almost day by day) structured examination of the year that lead to the battlefield of Agincourt. Makes me want to watch Kenneth Branagh as Henry V again . . .

2. Netflix: I keep toggling between two shows: Dark Matter, a sci-fi with some Firefly undertones, and re-watching The Office when I need to laugh--or smile sentimentally at Jim and Pam.

3. Gift-giving: my love language. Few things make me happier than finding a the perfect surprising gift (rarely expensive) for the people I love. From the seven-year-olds I teach at church to my awesome kids and husband, I'm a lot like Leslie Knope. Gift giving is my sport!

4. Writing: I'm definitely looking ahead to 2018 and a return to publishing with The Darkling Bride release in March. After a couple quiet years while motherhood took a great deal of my available emotional energy, I also have a YA book on submission that I ADORE and I'm creating a proposal for my next gothic that has me dreaming at night.

5. Star Wars: if only I loved my children less, I would have already seen The Last Jedi. But our family is under strict orders for no one to see it until all six of us are gathered at home on the 22nd. (Sidenote--this will be the first Christmas all my kids are home in three years!)

Love to all my family, friends, and readers!

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