Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teaser Tuesday

Deeply in revisions for the new book, and thought I'd give you a glimpse of my main character, come to Deeprath Castle to catalog the library, and her initial impression on the castle owner she has just bumped into :)     

     Carragh did not believe in ghosts, not in the traditional sense. She was not afraid of the Woman in White or the Darkling Bride or any number of ancient monks who might drift down the slopes from Glendalough. She was not afraid of the dead, however uneasily they might lie, for her earliest memories encompassed death.
     But in all her eager preparation and research into the Gallagher family, she had somehow overlooked the truth that tragedy casts a long shadow. Prying into the life and death of the Victorian Jenny was one thing. Meddling with a man whose mother was believed to have murdered his father and then jumped off the same tower as Jenny Gallager? That was an entirely different matter.
     Especially when the man in question was sexy as hell. Seriously, who looked like that? She’d seen a few pictures of the viscount, as she’d scrolled the internet looking for information on the Gallaghers, most of them of Aidan paired with various formidably fashionable women. But the combined effect of his height and dark hair and bright blue eyes narrowed suspiciously at her, standing so close she could have touched him . . .   
     Carragh shoved herself away from the door and glared at the painting of Jenny Gallagher. “I’m here for the library,” she said aloud. “Not for men, and not for ghosts.”

     In the painted pond’s reflection, the Darkling Bride stared back at Carragh in disbelief.

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