Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day! Or as we say in our house--Happy Anniversary :)

Is anyone surprised that I'm posting this after April 22? Didn't think so. The title, at least, was composed on that day. Just consider me your own personal excuse for lowering the bar of expectations :)

But, late or not, how could I not post these pictures of such an adorably young couple? (Why yes, we did get married when we were twelve. (Not really. We were twenty-three.))

Twenty-one years it's been. Hard to believe, except for that almost-20-year-old son in college and three teens or almost teens at home. I don't feel that old . . . but that's the best thing about being married to a boy I met when I was seventeen–he remembers all those years. His view of me (I hope) is softened by the memories of youth and sweetened by shared experience.

And my view of him? Well, reader, I married him. And haven't wished it undone once.

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