Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Week

Moved everything out of kitchen cupboards and drawers to various spots in the house

Tore out kitchen

Painted kitchen and family room

Welcomed new cabinets

Really welcomed new cabinet installers

Wondered why it takes almost 9 hours to install granite countertops

Wondered if the granite installers would be taking part in book club (they left five minutes before people started showing up)

Welcomed electrician to fix outlet in new island

Welcomed plumber to install new faucet, new garbage disposal, and hook dishwasher back up

Moved everything back into kitchen cupboards (except those things I can't remember where I put them--one of these months I'm going to stumble across some glasses or oatmeal stashed under a bed somewhere)

Woke up at 1:00 in the morning to sound of second son dragging microwave across the floor so he could plug it in

Wondered where to go to get microwave remounted above stove

Got an email from literary agent "encouraged" by my rewrite and asking to send me line edits

Tried not to frighten cabinet installers with my giddy joy at being . . . so . . . achingly . . . close to having an agent

Downloaded line edits to my netbook so I can fix them on the plane to Hawaii

Because this week, I'm spending Valentine's in Kauai

Yes, I am spoiled.

Happy Valentine's, everyone! Especially my children whom I will miss hugging on that day :)

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