Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five

5. Kauai was wonderful. Why wouldn't it be? When asked by the Hawaiian Airlines baggage handler if we enjoyed our stay, my husband asked, "How many people say no?" One thing I learned: forget massages. I'd rather spend my money on a private beach cabana for the day. Cushioned loungers, no neighbors, unobstructed views of the ocean . . . Now that was relaxing.

4. In the throes of registration for my soon-to-be high school senior. How did it come to this--AP Psychology and AP Calculus and AP Physics? That's not mentioning the 3 AP classes he's currently taking as a junior. And I've decided I need an entirely new brain just to cope with college applications and scholarships. All this for a boy who was 3 years old, like, five minutes ago.

3. Left Coast Crime!

2. Okay, a few more details on #3. Ten days from now my best friend and I leave for LA for five days of mystery convention fabulosity. (Yes, I know that's not a word. I prefer to think of it as a state of mind.) Two years ago in Denver, Left Coast Crime reignited my passion for writing and confirmed that the writing world was where I belonged. That motivation and hope kept me going through the months when writing took a far-distant back seat to my son's chemo and radiation. So LCC will always hold a place in my heart. Besides--Road Trip! That means all the things I never let myself eat: wax donuts, chips, sour patch watermelons. I'm feeling sick already :)

1. While in Kauai, I picked up a little book called If . . .Questions for the Game of Life. I thought it would give me great prompts for blog posts (thought I doubt I'll ever answer the question "If you could have seduced any one person in your life that you didn't, who would it be?") I'm thinking I'll dedicate a day to If Posts. Maybe Tuesday. Maybe not. But I thought to give a taste of it today.

Question: If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfecty that you never have played before, what would it be?

Answer: The violin. I play the piano, the organ and, once-upon-an-adolescent-time, the flute. But I have a fascination with string instruments and I think there's such personality and passion to the violin. Besides, I have a character in mind for a future novel who plays the violin. It would be helpful to know what I'm writing about.

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