Friday, March 30, 2018

19 Days Down . . .

7 to go!

I'll confess I'm greatly looking forward to this time next Friday, when I will be packing up my room in Spain in preparation for meeting Emma in Edinburgh next Saturday :) To be followed by 6 days in Ireland with my favorite daughter. In which I will not eat miso soup once. Or seaweed. Or even sauerkraut, which I've always liked. But having it twice a day is a bit much. I have been planning my favorite food haunts in Dublin, starting with hot chocolate from Butler's Chocolate, sipped while walking through St. Stephen's Green.

So, random notes from the last 19 days:

1. Massage therapists come in one of two varieties--those who treat the body as something to be appreciated and cared for, and those who seem to feel the body is the enemy and, by heaven, they will beat that pain or stiffness or fat right out of me. Fortunately, the former are the majority here. But there have a been a couple times I was convinced that the therapist learned their trade in the gulags of the former Soviet Union.

2. If pain is fear leaving the body, then the colon hydrotherapy I had the second day must have suctioned out every horror film I ever saw or ghost story I ever read. I quickly afterward declined the remaining treatments of that sort . . .

3. Yes, it is possible to taste in dreams. Five or six nights in, I dreamt of eating Gardettos--you know, the pretzel snack things with that spicy taste? It was lovely.

4. In the first four days here, I heard some variation of "You are too much in control" from approximately 37 people. One massage therapist recommended I belly dance for my hips. While I appreciate the sentiment, it's quite clear that the control/relaxation issue goes far deeper than a few dance classes will solve.

5. If one must receive disappointing news of any sort, it is not a bad idea to receive it at a place where one literally has TWO therapy appointments the very next day.

6. Not drinking/smoking might in some circles be considered a character defect. In a wellness clinic, it is a huge positive. "Hey, I may be overweight and my diet might suck, but at least I don't have to give up alcohol!"

7. I have beautiful blood. I have been told that four times now. "Beautiful color, so perfect, very healthy . . ." I'll take what I can get.

8. Also, I did a bone density test and I don't mean to brag, but I have the bones of a 30-year-old.

9. I didn't know it was possible to buy sweatsuits lavishly trimmed in fur. The majority of guests here definitely come from a different tax bracket/lifestyle then I do.

10. I miss my family :)

11. Coming here was definitely the right decision. It would be nice to leave next week completely healthy, but now I know that I have found the right path and I'm a decent ways along it. As long as I know what to do, I can be awfully persistent in doing it.

Happy Easter!!! Eat chocolate for me.

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