Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Brothers

All my words are being sucked up by revisions/copy edits on the new book. but I cannot overlook the two critical events of this past week. On June 23, Jake started college. And on June 25, Matt turned twenty-one. 

"How have you come to this . . . to such a place as this?" (That would sound better if Hugh Jackman were singing it."

So here you go--my first two boys through the years :)

Matthew in a rare shot from his first year without casts. (He was born with club feet, for those who didn't know him then.)

Jake in possibly my favorite picture of myself ever :) 

With Matt on our favorite beach park in Seattle. 

Jake in all his bald, chubby glory :)

First Christmas as brothers (1996)

Matt was always so responsible (1996)

Shortly before Emma joined the brothers' club (1998)

At Disney World (2001)

Near Buckingham Palace (2004)

Masai Mara visit in Kenya (2006)

Matthew Nicholas

Jacob Bentley

What a wonderful life we've had with these two! Happy birthday, happy college, and we can't wait until you come home for a visit :)

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  1. Ok you look JUST like Emma in that picture- and Jake's cheeks!!! He would have given Clara a run for her money!!