Tuesday, March 11, 2014


So many happy things lately!

1. Lovely email exchanges this week about the audio versions of my books being produced by Audible.com. Narrator being chosen now. Boleyn King and Boleyn Deceit should be available in June, with Boleyn Reckoning available as it is published in July.

2. My ever-patient agent, Tamar Rydzinski, read the first 100 pages of the new book and said she was hooked. (She also said that I can't just write things like "there were lots of colors" and pretend that I've actually described anything. Descriptions/scenery/fabrics=my weakest writing skill. Also, it's apparently an issue when I say that a character is staying in Paris but in the next scene she's at a dinner table a full day's ride away from Paris. Who knew continuity mattered?!) Still, any email about something I've written that doesn't begin with: "I hate it, change everything" is a good email.

3. I'm going to the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans in May! My husband is even going to come down and spend the weekend. I've never been to New Orleans and I'm so excited :)

4. Jake has so far been accepted to five colleges. I knew that kid was smart :) He's 99% certain he's made his choice, but I will refrain from specifics until we've heard from the remaining schools.

5. And best of all (because it's happening next week), I'll be at Left Coast Crime in Monterey from the 20-23, and even going to be on my first panel (Murder Across the Pond. Yes, I know my books aren't technically mysteries. Shhh, don't tell. (Actually, I did tell, but they still seem okay letting me in.)) Flying in a few days early to see San Francisco, another city I've never been to. AND IT'S IN THE 60'S THERE! Considering the 8-foot snow drifts in my yard, it doesn't get better than that.


  1. So much exciting news-I'm interested to find out where Jake goes, and enjoy the murder panel!

  2. Wonderful news all around! Congratulations on 1-5! Number 2 made me laugh.

  3. Exciting news about the audios - I listen to 'em by the bucket-load and always like to listen to my favourite books!

    Hope they find you a narrator who will do the stories justice :)

  4. And you say you never go anywhere.... :)