Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Release Day

Better known as: Holy Hannah, how did I get to be so lucky with the people in my life? 

This has been a crazy six months. I've hardly had time to assimilate the thought of having a book published, and here comes the second one. How did this happen? 

The answer, as with every good thing in my life, is in people. I waffle over naming names because I'm certain to leave someone off, but I will risk it with your generosity in understanding my lapses. So thank you to: 

Tamar Rydzinski: Agent Extraordinaire, who in September 2010 sent me an email upon reading my original one-book version of The Boleyn King that said: "LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I am super excited for it." And then went on to give me the perfect revision advice (including the trilogy idea) that set my books on the path to publication. 

Caitlin Alexander: my acquiring editor at Ballantine, whose enthusiasm for this trilogy made all the difference in my books finding their home. 

Kate Miciak: who writes me the best editorial notes ever. Seriously. Who else would write me notes like: "All the more reason to have desperate sex on page 216." Or draw me hearts in the margins? Her notes make everything better. 

Readers and Bloggers: who have gone out of their way to not only read a debut author, but to let me know about it. Every single person who has taken the trouble to message me on Facebook or mention me on Twitter has made these six months a bounty of blessings. 

When I began writing about my altered Boleyn royals and their friends, I told myself that I didn't care if I got rich or famous (which is good planning if you want to write); I just wanted to be successful enough that I could continue to write for a wide audience. 

Thank you--every single one of you--for making this dream possible. I wrote you the best book I knew how . . . and I did it with love. 


  1. Happy Book Birthday #2 and Holy Hannah too!!!! I'm so happy for you.

  2. I have been captivated by your books! I can't wait to read the third one. I am doing my best to be patient for it to be released :)

  3. I have been captivated by your first two books! I am waiting patiently for the third to come out. So looking forward to your future work. :)