Monday, September 2, 2013

Favorites #2: Hampton Court Palace

Need I say more? 

Okay, you persuaded me :) The finest surviving example of a Tudor-era palace in England, Hampton Court belonged to Cardinal Wolsey, who 'gifted' it to Henry VIII after the king expressed a rather strong approval of the place. Only part of the redbrick Tudor palace remains; the rest is a beautiful Christopher Wren design built in the reign of William III.

More than any other single place in England, Hampton Court is where The Boleyn King was born. It was here, in 2004, that I first had an image of a man searching for a woman's face in the crowds and was bowled over by the intensity of said man's (Dominic's) love. 

The Great Hall, with its elaborate hammerbeam ceiling. In The Boleyn King, it is in the Great Hall that Dominic is created Marquess of Exeter and where he slips away from Minuette when he fears she is already betrothed to Jonathan Percy. 

A lovely staircase :) Notable chiefly because I wanted an example of the type of staircase where Dominic and William come upon Giles Howard insulting Minuette, and later, where Giles assaults her and Dominic nearly kills him. 

The Tudor kitchens, and my favorite teen traveling companion. The last time Jake was at Hampton Court (nine years ago), he got to turn the spit of a roasting pig. 

The beautiful gardens, from which I drew inspiration for the early scene in The Boleyn King where Minuette is alone in the garden until William and Dominic come upon her. It was from a low wall in my (re-created) space of this garden that Minuette jumps to Dominic and utterly disconcerts him. 

Any guesses? 

This is the warren of back lanes and courtyards around the Tudor kitchens, into which Minuette follows Dominic the night of her 18th birthday and is brought up against this very brick wall just short of Dominic touching her.

Hope you enjoy Hampton Court! And don't forget to comment on My Contest Post for a chance to win Boleyn King and Deceit items.


  1. So fun to see the inspiration for the scenes in your book! Love it!!

  2. I have been to Hampton Court before, but I really enjoyed your Minuette and Dominic tour! :)

  3. These pictures are awesome!! I love the connections to the book.

  4. Love this Palace and especially the hammerbeam roof.