Thursday, August 9, 2012


After shopping with friends for the right outfit (Thank you, Ginger and Katie!), learning how to do my makeup at the NYC Macy's, fiddling with my hair and generally just having way more angst than any 43-year-old should about my looks . . . the author photos are taken.

And, thanks to an outstanding photographer--seriously, Mandy Baker made the entire endeavor incredibly fun, which was way more than the somewhat painless I was hoping for--I don't want to crawl into a hole when I look at the photos.

However, that doesn't mean I'm capable of judging which one is the best. I get way too caught up in issues like "Does my chin look less rounded in #1 or #4?" So I'm turning to you, faithful blog readers, to tell me which photo of me you want to look at in the coming years.

And while you're doing that, I'll get to work on revisions for book two. That's right--I sent in the manuscript on June 30 and got my editorial letter back on July 30. One month. Actually less, because my editor was out of town until July 16th. My head is still spinning from the speed of it, and now I have to wend my way back into that world sooner than I expected.

I love my job :)

I'll number them--to vote, just comment. Thank you!!!









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