Thursday, June 7, 2012

Days 5,6,7

I've been writing. I promise.

I've also been doing other things, but writing is in there. Apparently blogging about it is not.

Current word count: 75,339

So close I can see it--like a shining mythical unicorn off in the distance, the end of this wretched first draft.

Writers out there--promise me nothing book-related will ever be as hard as writing book two. Lie to me. Seriously. Because I have a contract for book three and the only way I won't smash my computer to bits now is believing that book three will be even the tiniest bit easier.

Oh yes, and Matt comes home tomorrow. All my chickadees under one roof--I will be giddy.

Just as soon as I wring the last four or five thousand words out of this recalcitrant story.

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