Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Me!

I know, I know. My daily writing reports vanished. I'll get to that. Or not. I keep thinking, "Oh, it's been that kind of year." But after how many years do I need to just throw up my hands and admit that chaos is my new life?

However, it is an important day for my husband and me. Not our wedding anniversary--that's in April. But without two very important December 3rds before then, there would not have been a wedding.

On December 3, 1986--twenty-five years ago today--we had our first date. It wasn't actually at the balloon-infested school dance that's pictured above (that one came a couple months later), but at a college basketball game. We were 17-year-old high school seniors and Chris took pity on me because our Academic Decathlon team (yes, we were both geeks) had that very day had our Region Title stripped from us because of a GPA miscalculation of my grades. (It was all very byzantine.) In any case, he called me after school and asked me out that night. Don't we look young? And depressingly 1980's coiffed?

Twenty years ago today--December 3, 1991--he asked me to marry him. For those doing the math, yes, we were still very young, though I for one thought I knew almost everything essential at the age of twenty-two. I didn't, of course, anymore than I do at forty-two--except for the one most essential piece of knowledge I would ever need: that Chris was my past, present, and future.

Happy December 3 to Chris and our four children (none of whom would exist without those dates--so where are my thank you gifts?)

It's worth getting old to count all the years with you :)

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