Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twelve Things To Know About Emma On Her Twelfth Birthday

1. Emma would rather read than eat. Or sleep. Or possibly even breathe.
2. Emma is the most enthusiastic writer I know. (And I know a lot of writers.) She’s got motivation, she’s got persistence, she’s got a million ideas, and she’s got a voice that’s all hers.
3. Emma will tell you that she’s lived in the same house her entire life. That is not actually true. We didn’t move into this house until she was ten weeks old. So she’s lived here her entire life—minus ten weeks.

4. Emma embraces weirdness.

5. Don’t mess with Harry Potter around Emma.

6. Or Percy Jackson.

7. Or Artemis Fowl.

8. Every summer for the last three years, Emma has spent a week at Camp Hobe. It’s one of the good things that came out of her brother’s cancer . . . going to a camp where other kids her age either have cancer or have a sibling that has. Plus, the cute counselors don’t hurt.

9. Last I heard, Emma’s dream is to live in Portland when she grows up so she can go to Powell’s bookstore often. (Yes, she is definitely my daughter.) She also dreams of owning a multi-story restored building in which the first floor is a bakery, the second and third floors are living quarters, and the top floor is a writer’s retreat.

10. Emma is never, ever apathetic. She is fierce in her emotions. Sometimes that's fabulous . . . and sometimes her three brothers run for cover.

11. Emma used to ask when she would have a sister, but she doesn’t anymore. She has learned to appreciate the wardrobe benefits of being the only girl.

12. Emma is our only daughter for one simple reason: Because she’s the best there is. Opinionated and curious and passionate—a believer in dreams and an idealist who wants to do something real in the world.

Happy Birthday, Emma!
Love, Mom

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