Saturday, June 19, 2010

Know What I'm Doing This Next Week?

A. Celebrating a belated Father's Day with my husband after he returns mid-week from a business trip.

B. Suffering through the fact that my oldest will be 17 on Friday.

C. Preparing said-oldest son to leave Saturday on an 18-day trip to Europe. And swallowing my jealousy that he will get to Rome and Paris before I've even been there.

D. Rewriting two chapters of my submitted novel.

E. All of the above! (I'll give you a hint--the exclamation point gives away the answer.)

That's right, rewrites have caught up with me once more. But I'm not complaining--this rewrite is at the request of an editor at an actual New York publishing house that the general public has heard of. Woo-hoo! My agent, Tamar, pointed out I'm under no obligation to rewrite, as there is not an offer contingent upon it, but what do I have to lose? Besides, I liked the sound of this editor (and not just because she reportedly thinks I'm a fabulous writer). You all know I have a deep and abiding love for psychological mysteries and the editor would like to see me ramp up the mystery element in those two chapters.

Besides, I've always felt ambivalent at best about those chapters. I knew perfectly well they were no more than serviceable in getting from point A to point B (albeit with some good scenes thrown into the mix of long narrative transitions). How can I complain about the chance to make them shine?

And it will give me something to do other than fret about my husband not being home and my son going to another continent without me.

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