Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday Five

It's Saturday. I am aware.

I am also aware that it's the 22nd of May and I have yet to post my April book reviews.

Darn last month of school (grumble, grumble.)

1. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result, than I am definitionally insane when it comes to my weight. For the last four years I've counted calories (burned and ingested), obsessed about how much I'm working out, and worried about the fact that my weight has a mind of its own that does not correspond to any known formula of healthy diet, cardio, and serious weight training with a professional. (Seriously, who spend three months working out with a trainer two hours a week and eating impeccably--I swear it!--and gains not just weight but inches and body fat? Oh, that would be me.)

No more. No more counting. No more working out sums in my head whenever I eat. No more weighing myself every day. I will eat well because I like to, I will work out because it makes me happy (and because I've only just started the second season of Lost, which I watch while I'm on the elliptical), I will enjoy the fact that I do have clothes that fit and even some that are too big. I cannot promise never to think about my weight, but I promise not to talk about it.

Starting . . . now.

2. Speaking of Lost, for a deserted island there sure are a lot of people on it. Everywhere you turn you're tripping over somebody new. I love that.

(And do not tell me anything that happens after the fourth episode of Season 2! Or I will have to kill you!)

3. For someone who does not camp (me), I'm going to be spending a lot of nights in a sleeping bag the first two weeks of June. When there's still a high chance of snow in the mountains. I'm not sure how that happened. But I'm pretty sure I'm owed a night or two in a nice hotel afterward.

4. Still waiting.

5. And reading. Lots of new entries this spring in some of my favorite series. Elizabeth George's Lynley (I'm not too happy with him after finishing the latest) and Laurie R. King's Russell/Holmes (did she really just do that?!) I love good storytellers. I can think of no higher praise I'd like to have for my writing then, "I love your story."

Any editors ready to say that yet?

Not that I'm impatient.

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