Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition

I don't write much about my family on this blog, because that's not its purpose. But on this Thanksgiving Friday, I have to give thanks for the five most important people in my life.


Who wouldn't love that grin? Throw in the fact that he's my baby and you've got a kid calculated to melt Mom's heart. And he comes up with one-liners like this: We were dressed up the other night and a neighbor said, "Wow, Andersens, you're looking sharp tonight." And without a pause, Spencer said, "Yes, we are very pointy tonight."


My one and only daughter, she's got enough spunk and personality and sheer life force for a half dozen girls. My friends tell me that she's just like me, but I reply that I didn't become brave and self-confident and willing to go my own way until I was in my 30s. Imagine what she'll be doing in twenty years with the huge headstart she's got on knowing herself.


The picture says it all--classic rock, an independent spirit, and a head full of hair (that we weren't sure we'd ever see again after he spent last year bald from chemotherapy). Jake is the definition of grace under pressure and he will never let anyone tell him who or what he should like. And heaven help you if you insult Taylor Swift in his presence.


The kid who made me a mom. I swear he was starting kindergarten last week and 7th grade two days ago. But the picture gives it away: my oldest is six feet tall, driving, dating, taking college entrance exams and making me proud at the most unexpected moments. There's nothing like watching your child grow towards being an adult and knowing that you're going to like that adult--and not just because he's yours.


"If I could choose from every man who breathes on this earth . . . it would all be you." If you know us, you know that Chris is my rock and joy and my still center in the midst of chaos. If you don't know us, you'll have to take it from me on trust: he's the best man I've ever known and I've loved him since I was seventeen.

If I never publish, if I never travel again, if I never even get to read another book in my life . . . just leave me my family and I'll find a way forward.

Love you all.

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