Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Five

5. My parents are somewhere over the Pacific at this hour, winging their way to Sendai, Japan. They'll be gone 18 months which doesn't seem terribly long. Until I add up and realize I'll be 42 when they come home. And my oldest son will be within weeks of high school graduation. Is that really only 18 months? Seems like it should be years instead.

4. It's cold. I like it better than the hot. And so far the snow has been confined to the mountains where it belongs.

3. The best part of my week is here--deciding what to order in for dinner to enjoy while watching DVDs with my husband. It's our cheap and easy date :)

2. I'm doing something very cool next week. But I can't tell you. Bummer for you. Check back next week.

1. Yesterday was the best agent day of my career thus far. I got a request for the full manuscript from the agent who requested my first three chapters in August, and I got a request for the first three chapters from an agent I queried on Wednesday. (Of course, my Wednesday queries also produced a reject in the record time of ten minutes, but we can shove that one away for now.) I was positively giddy there for a few hours, until I got down to the nasty business of writing a synopsis. I was hoping to escape that, but no such luck. At least I can walk around now and say, all off-hand and casual-like, "Yes, I have one partial and two fulls out with agents."

It's a beginning.

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