Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Teaser (Technically Not) Tuesday

I very nearly got up at 4:00 a.m. to post this, since I was wide awake and that was the moment my brain chose to remind me that I hadn't done it yet. But alas, sheer laziness won out and sometime between 4 and 4:30 I fell asleep. 

So here I am a day late, with a Boleyn Deceit teaser from Dominic's POV. 

In this scene, Dom has pulled Eleanor Percy, William's former mistress, into a private conversation about potential dangers to Minuette. Enjoy :)

     "Someone set an adder loose in Mistress Wyatt's bedchamber last night. Do you know anything about it?"
     Dominic leaned against the bolted door, arms folded, watching Eleanor. She was so naturally devious that it was impossible to know if her calculating answers meant she was responsible for the reptile or that she was merely thinking quickly.
     "Mistress Wyatt has enemies. Surely you are not so naive that you are surprised by that."
     "And her most conspicuous enemy is you."
     "Do you think me a fool?" Eleanor leaned forward a little, giving Dominic a clear view of her breasts swelling above her square neckline.
     "You've never made a secret of your loathing for Mistress Wyatt."
     "Half the court loathes the other half. That does not lead to murder."
     "Then what does?"
     "Self-interest," Eleanor answered promptly. "You want to get to the bottom of this, look to those whose interests have been threatened by this girl." She tipped her chin up and eyed him thoughtfully. "Which, I suppose, places me on your list. But I assure you, when I want William back, I will not need violence to do it. I am skilled at tricks your precious Minuette would blush to know of. For all his recent infatuation, the king has not forgotten me."
     Not knowing which was worse--her arrogance or her recognition of William's current passion--Dominic said tightly, "You may go. For now. I shall inform the king that you have been less than cooperative. If I were you, I would start packing. I believe your time at court is drawing to an end."
     Eleanor rose in a silken flutter and stepped near him, until he could not move without touching her. Her smile had a distinctly intimate feel to it. "I don't know why you keep to yourself, Dominic, but I know frustration when I see it. If you ever wish to seek relief . . ."
     She drew her fingertips across his cheekbone. Catching her wrist cruelly in one hand, Dominic used his other hand to unbolt and open the door.

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