Tuesday, May 14, 2013

For Laura -

My apologies to Laura for hacking her blog and Facebook accounts…

Today, May 14, 2013, is the debut of Laura Andersen’s first book, The Boleyn King. This book is the first in a trilogy published by Random House. In the last few months, The Boleyn King was selected to be in the Random House Reader’s Circle, received outstanding reviews from authors and professional publications, returned to press for a second printing, had rights sold in a foreign country, and was prepared for distribution by well-known national retailers. It has been an amazing journey, and I am intrigued to see where it goes from here.

For Laura’s close friend’s this journey started 10 years ago with a challenge in a Park City, Utah restaurant.  For me, this journey started over 26 years ago in high school with a date to a basketball game. Since that time, I have watched Laura experience a rollercoaster of emotions on the path to becoming an author. Among the most telling experience for me was 20 years ago when we lived in Seattle, WA. I returned home from a long business trip to find Laura’s thoughts and emotions humming with excitement for characters that had quite literally come to life for her. It is fascinating to know that these characters are not in The Boleyn King, but continue to live and evolve in Laura’s imagination waiting for their time to be shared.

I find selfish pride in the belief (correct or not) that I was present when Laura’s first inspirations for The Boleyn King were stirred at sites such as Hampton Court Palace and The Tower of London. However, all credit goes to Laura and her unrelenting determination to be good and be successful. I lack the ability to describe for Laura’s friends and readers the extent of rejection she agonizingly endured and the many, many hours late at night she spent drafting and re-drafting, editing and re-editing.

My lasting pride – and happiness – comes from being Laura Andersen’s husband. Congratulations to Laura on this remarkable achievement! May there be many more days like this one.

Also, my sincere thanks to Laura’s friends, family, agent, editors, publicist, artistic team, reviewers and soon-to-be fans!

Chris Andersen 

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