Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finishing if it Kills Me!

My second book that is. Finishing, of course, being an elastic term that means, in this instance, "reaching the end of a plausibly-plotted but extraordinarily messy first draft."

Once again, I must rely on the threat of public humiliation to achieve this finish. As of this morning, I was at 60,000 words, meaning I have about 20,000 more to go. Which wasn't so bad, once I thought about it. And being compulsive as I am, I started to divide that amount into days and how many words I can reasonably write a day during these last few weeks of school and decided that I can be done a week from today. June 7th. The last day before my oldest son comes home from college.

Minimum daily goal: 3000 words. More if I'm on a roll. And yes, I will post my progress daily, since that's pretty much the whole "public humiliation as motivation" point.

Fair warning: I will be living and breathing and dreaming my alternate-history 16th century world for the next week. If you ask me a question, chances are I will reply using phrases like "burned at the stake", "deep third-person point of view", "monkshood poisoning", "from thence to the place of execution", or possibly "codpiece".

You've been warned.

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