Monday, January 16, 2012

What I'm doing in January . . .

Revisions. My very first-ever round of editorial revisions. Kind of exciting :) Especially since I have a fabulous editor who, amongst all the mark-ups showing what needs to be changed/fixed/deleted/laughed out of existence, takes care to also point out things she really likes. It's amazing how far a "Nice!" or "Great tension" goes in keeping me motivated. Because let's face it, I know better than anyone how imperfect this story is--sometimes I need to be reminded that I may have gotten one or two things right along the way.

Of course this is all just a way to say, "Sorry for not posting!" At least it sounds cooler than "I'm just too lazy to get around to it."

But since my friends are not as lazy as me, there are two recent posts at Cabinet of Curiosities that you should check out, particularly if you're interested in the business side of getting published. Our theme this month is Agents--how to find them, how to stalk--er, I mean contact--them, what to do when you catch one and/or lose one . . . between the five of us on the blog we've covered pretty wide ground over the last five or six years when it comes to agents. Read, laugh, cry, and ask any questions. Let our pain be your wisdom.

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