Thursday, August 18, 2011

New(-ish) Group Blog

I am delinquent. Lazy. Slow. Pile on the adjectives . . . I've already applied them to myself.

But I cannot waste another second in promoting a fabulous new blog written by a group of the best writers in the world. And also me.

Cabinet of Curiosities is the joint project of published picture-book author Ginger Churchill, mid-grade fantasy writer Suzanne Warr, YA urban fantasy writer Pat Esden, and NY Times bestseller of the Hush, Hush series Becca Fitzpatrick. The five of us met through an online writing class that, once it was finished, we didn't want to end. So we evolved into an online writers' group and have spent years cheering each other on, providing long-distance shoulders to cry on, and rejoicing in each others' successes.

If you like funny, sassy, committed, and insightful women, go on over to the Cabinet and see what we have to say. We blog about writing, but also ideas, the nature of creativity, favorite reads, complicated lives, and pop culture. What's not to love?

Now off to take my teens to their first social outing in Boston. Yes, we're here. Living in temporary housing (a 3-bedroom apartment) until we close on our new house in two weeks. Thus far our social lives have consisted of the grocery store, mall, and a historical visit to the famous Concord bridge where the Revoluationary War began. (Okay, that last one is pretty cool. But the rest are so not.) Suffice it to say that Jake and Emma are looking forward to an activity that involves pizza, sugar, other teenagers, and not their parents.

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