Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Spencer!

Nine Things I Love About Spencer:

1. You're my baby. Always and forever. No matter how old you get.

2. Your smile (check out that grin below.)

3. The unexpectedly clever things you say. Like, when someone commented on our Sunday clothes by saying, "You're looking pretty sharp tonight, Andersens," you replied without missing a beat, "Yes, we are very pointy tonight."

4. Your passion for learning things like the equation for Delta G. Or how many pounds the earth weighs. Or how to spell the second-longest word in the English language.

5. Your love for your oldest, coolest brother. (I'm sure you'll learn to love your second-oldest, second-coolest brother any day now. And maybe you'll love your sister someday.)

6. Your ability to concentrate on something you like. Such as putting together extraordinarily complicated Lego sets.

7. Your tender heart. (You're only nine--I can still say things like that without ruining your social life.)

8. Your attempts to look on the bright side. For instance, you once told me that the best part of being the baby was that, "You'll all die before me and then I can live here by myself."

9. I love that no one else could have been our youngest but you--whatever would I do without my Spencer?

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