Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signs of Spring

Reasons I love Spring . . .

1. Baskets full of things I shouldn't eat.

2. Painted toenails and pretty sandals. Don't get me wrong--I love my leather boots. But there's something youth-inducing about a good pedicure and sandals to show it off. I plan on both for my trip to Washington D.C. next week.

3. Spring dresses on little girls. Sadly for me, my only daughter is now 11 and moving out of this phase. I still have the first Easter dress I bought her when she was four months old. Now I have to buy her shoes the same size as mine. When did that happen? Oh, well, there are still lots of little girls in my circle to love in their spring dresses.

4. My daffodils are blooming. I love daffodils and tulips and crocus and hyacinth . . .I'm very much a spring bulb flower lover.
Reason why I particularly love the spring of 2010 and always will . . .
5. Because I signed a contract with an agent this week. A non-figment-of-my-imagination, works in New York city, likes my book literary agent. Her name is Tamar Rydzinski from the Laura Dail Literary Agency. You can read about the agency and their clients at this link.
So what happens now?
Trick question. Because the answer is the same one it always is in the writing business . . . waiting. Waiting for responses to the pitch letter and manuscript Tamar has sent out. Waiting (hoping) for an offer to buy my book. And in the midst of waiting . . .well, there's always writing. I'm working on the manuscript I was revising when my son got sick two years ago and feeling good about it.
But also, I walk around my house and at odd moments burst out, "I have an agent!" (I have to admit that I actually, mostly sing that phrase. Is anyone surprised?)
What a beautiful spring!

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